Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dare me to blog?

I was just sitting here at my real computer (not my fake one, it's to hard to blog from) and I thought I would update this bad boy.  Well I don't know if update is the right word but I'll put a couple pictures up and call it good.  These are some pictures we took over the summer.  We went up to Kolob with Joni, Codee, Eric, and Karen.  Codee's parents were kind enough to host all of us crazies for a day.

We had so much fun!  There is nothing better than being in the wilderness with kids.  Kim and Dee had put together this awesome slip n slide for the camp this year and we got to try it out!  It was faster and (supposed to be) cleaner if you wore a trash bag so we got a family picture in our trash bags.  

We had to do at least one adult only run.  It was weird.

If I remember right, this one didn't end to well.

In our trash bag glory.  Somehow Karen kept that white tank top clean the whole time??  These are some great memories!  We had a campfire with foil dinners and smores after too.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by great family every where we go! (Even if some of them are 4 hours away, that is still surrounded.)

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  1. That was really a lot of fun! I wish we went a few times last summer :)