Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dare me to blog?

I was just sitting here at my real computer (not my fake one, it's to hard to blog from) and I thought I would update this bad boy.  Well I don't know if update is the right word but I'll put a couple pictures up and call it good.  These are some pictures we took over the summer.  We went up to Kolob with Joni, Codee, Eric, and Karen.  Codee's parents were kind enough to host all of us crazies for a day.

We had so much fun!  There is nothing better than being in the wilderness with kids.  Kim and Dee had put together this awesome slip n slide for the camp this year and we got to try it out!  It was faster and (supposed to be) cleaner if you wore a trash bag so we got a family picture in our trash bags.  

We had to do at least one adult only run.  It was weird.

If I remember right, this one didn't end to well.

In our trash bag glory.  Somehow Karen kept that white tank top clean the whole time??  These are some great memories!  We had a campfire with foil dinners and smores after too.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by great family every where we go! (Even if some of them are 4 hours away, that is still surrounded.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sports! Sports! Sports!

My poor little kiddos don't usually get to play after school sports because I am in after school school.  Since I took the semester off we decided to let them ech pick a sport.  Chloe and Carter picked soccerand Cooperpicked baseball, much to Billy's delight!  I coached Chloe's team and Billy helped coach Coopers team. 

Cooper scored the first run for his team in this game!  He just ran across the plate! 

I love this pic!  Billy was the first base coach.

watching the game 

Oh hey, that's Chloe again, isn't she a cutie!!  (It's hard to coach and take pictures)

Here's Carter in action!! He enjoyed playing soccer but he did admit that he really did it for " the yummies"  That kid is a crack up, 

He played defender, if that is a real position?

He did a little defending and a lot of cheering for his team!

Here's the best cheerleader ever!  She was USUALLY a good sport through all this and also got a lot of "yummies" out of this whole deal! 
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Im Gonna Be A Mighty King!!

Well, not me so much but Chloe!  Chloe got to be a part of the Hurricane High School gradnight fundraiser this year.  Her friends mom was putting together a little dance and asked Chloe to be in it.  She loved it!  It was so cute, they danced to the Lion King song, half were birds and half were lions, Chloe was a lion.

Here are the girls with the HHS mascot who was in the finale of the show.  It was pretty cute.  All the performers were some sort of animal and in the finale they all bowed down to the mascot.

This is almost the whole group, 2 are missing.

Chloe and Jovie, they wanted to snack all night long backstage!


Chloe was the smallest girl so she got to be on top of the little pyramid at the end!  They only had 2 performances and when it was all over Chloe said she wants to do it everynight!  I think we will try to get her in some kind of a musical theatre class next year!
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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Baby Eagle and some Zombies, that's all.

There's my baby eagle!!  The last few weeks are all one big blur but somewhere in there we went to the kids dance festival for school.  I think it is the cutest thing ever and I think all schools should do it!  Each grade level learns a dance together and dang, it's cute! 

Chloe's grade performed to a song called Baby Eagle.  I dont know where it came form and we tried to google it and the only thing we found was another Kindergarden class performing it??  This was my favorite part, they were pointing at their eyes saying something but I dont remember what!

towards the end they all hola hooped!  It turns out Chloe has some serious hula hooping skills too!  They performed the song 4 times and she only dropped her hula hoop during the first go!

These two goof balls were seriously putting on their own show out in the crowd!

I felt bad because I couldn'tstop watching them and I would miss something Chloe did, luckily she did it 4 times so I caught up quick.  They were pretty dang good, they copied everything Chloe did!

Obviously the 4th graders are way to cool to be baby eagles so they learned a dance to Thriller!!  It was so funny!  Carter really wanted a full zombie costume but he only gave about 10 minutes warning that they could dress up and I'm good, but not that good.  Luckily a class mate had some fake blood for him!

Nice, right?

Here's Coop, I guess his teacher said no face paint, whatever.  Billy was pretty impressed by Coop's dance moves, he's a natural I guess.  Those of you who have seen me dance know he most certainly gets that from me.

Now you see why Billy was impressed.  I wish we would have recorded it, duh.

and one more of the baby eagle!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the kids perform in any way!  I missed an assembly that Chloe did while I was in NYC (which was a really awesome trip and someday I'm going to post therest of the pictures) and I was so sad.  They generally make me cry, I don't know why.  I just love my kids, they are all amazing and lots of fun!
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break 2012!!!!

We always like to party hard over spring break!  This year was no exception.  We are so lucky to live by so much family, the kids are seriously spoiled with cousin time over the summer.  When they have to go back to school they start having withdrawls so we try to make up for it over spring break.  We do pretty good over Christmas break too but the weather's just not as nice as spring break, which was PERFECT this year by the way!  This is just a small sampling of some of this years activities. 

We went for a bike ride.  It seems simple but a lot of work went into this!  Joni is the only one with a truck but we live way out in nowhere and there aren't any bike trails near us that we can ride to.  Anyway, it took a lot of planning but we pulled it off, drove to the bike trail, rode to a park, played and ate lunch, then rode back! 

This is my favorite picture, I dont know why, Brandi just cracks me up!!

The gang

Joni fixing Shenelle's bike for Brandi to ride.  She really is handy to have around.  Brandi trying to ride the bike with the chain off was a highlight of the trip for sure!

The tiny bit older gang, and the youngest ones too, didn't see those guys back there!

These three are best buddies!  They are basically triplets, Jackson just came a few years late to a different family.

My awesome sisters and mom!  I LOVE living so close to them and seeing them so regularly.  Even if they say I have a utah accent, whatever that is.

Couldn't be happier crawling around the park!

On to the next activity, we played night games with everyone.  We took it way more serious then everyone else.  Billy told us to make this sign, I hope it doesn't mean anything.  We played a little kick the can and fugitive.  These games are not for sissys either, I was exhausted.

Here are the little models at antigravity!  These girls LOVE each other and they just dont get enough of each other. I cant remember the order in which we did things but I do remember that this day was Karens birthday!

Chloe and Sophie, so stinking cute!

Had to post this one, just missed the toe touch but she did it!

Birthday girl bouncing of the walls!

Friday night we had a girls  night for Karens b-day and went out to dinner up in Springdale.
Mom and Karen

At Oscars, delicious food
Sis and Joni

You should try it!!!
Me and Shenelle

There were lots of other unpictured activities going on but I am pretty proud of getting this many!  We had lots of sleep overs, trips to the parks, late night runs to get nachos and soda, and just plain hang out time! 
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